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Aquarama, Inc. 2151 NW 27 Avenue, Miami, Fl 33142 (305) 635-7898



          Aquarama, Inc. sits proudly in the Heart of Miami, Florida.  Aquarama is a family owned and operated business that specializes in salt-water and fresh-water aquariums.  The store was opened in 1969 by  Manuel and his wife Angela.  Aquarama sells a variety of fresh and salt-water fish, custom-made and commecial tanks, and a full line of accessories.

                Today, Angela and Manuel still work at the store they opened 38 years ago.  Angela 

continues to sell products, while Manuel builds carefully crafted acrylic tanks in 

the store's shop.  The store is currently being managed by their children Manny
and Daisy who were three and twelve when the store opened.  Visiting Aquarama is
 the first step in becoming a life-long customer.  It is a remarkable experience.

You will see Daisy's daughters, now adults, making sales, a lovable dog named Corky and a handsome cat named King parading themselves throughout the store and amusing the customers; Angela offering lollypops to the children; and Manny's 3 year-old daughter playing with kids who visit to shop with their parents.

It is clear that Aquarama will continue to stand proudly in the Heart of Miami for years to come.  The experienced, family owned and operated business offers an unimagineable amount of knowledge to the community of aquarium lovers in Miami while selling quality products at reasonable prices.

Everything you need to build the aquarium of your dreams you can find at Aquarama. At Aquarama, you can't go wrong!



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